Feedback and complaints

We see feedback and complaints as a valuable way of responding to you and improving how we care for and support children and their families.

If you have a complaint

Please tell us. Talk to your care team – in most instances complaints can be resolved locally and quickly. If you are not comfortable with that approach you can choose the person or office to which you make the complaint. We may encourage a local resolution or we may appoint someone not connected to the concerns to investigate your complaint.

How will we handle your complaint?

  • Consider it in a fair and genuine manner, to ensure a fair outcome
  • Consult relevant staff, who can help resolve it fairly and within a reasonable timeframe
  • Acknowledge your complaint within 2 business days of us receiving it
  • Treat you with respect and your information confidentially
  • Keep you and others involved and informed about progress
  • Resolve the complaint, where possible, to your satisfaction and recommend any changes to fix the cause
  • Let you know in writing the outcome of your complaint

Your rights when making a complaint

When you make a complaint to us, you have the right

  • For it to be easy to make and to ask us for help should you need it, free of charge
  • To know how your complaint will be handled and reviewed
  • To have your complaint handled in an efficient, respectful, and fair way
  • To confidentiality, unless we have a reason for doing otherwise e.g. in providing a court report
  • To seek legal advice
  • To escalate your concerns to our regulators or oversight bodies if you feel we have not handled them well
  • To know our response to your complaint and the reason for this response

Contact us

You can make a complaint to us by contacting your local office. A list of our office locations is available by visiting our website here.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint you can contact The Complaints Manager, PO Box 2226 Dangar, NSW, 2309.

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