Family Involved modules

Practice wisdom and research tells us that children who leave care with strong and positive family relationships achieve better outcomes throughout their lives. The myLearning modules in this category help us understand that it is in children’s interests that families are included in their lives, regardless of whether they return to their care. When families are respectfully included, safe and enduring reunification is more likely.

MyLearning modules in this section

Brothers and Sisters Together

Time: 20 minutes

This module explains the significance of brother and sister relationships to a child’s development and well-being and the importance of keeping siblings together and connected – even when living separately. Learn strategies for maintaining and strengthening sibling relationships and ideas for caring for a sibling group.

Family involvement

Time: 25 minutes

Families are children’s first and most enduring relationships. Over time and space, attachments to family endure, and they are always important. If children lose contact with family, this loss causes great pain and trauma and can disrupt a child’s development. LWB is committed to meaningful and ongoing family involvement, so children get every opportunity to heal, learn and grow. Learn how, as Carers, you can involve families in children’s interests.

Going home – reuniting children with their families

Time: 25 minutes

Understand the importance of reunifying children and their families. Learn how reunification occurs and the decision-making processes with a particular emphasis on roles and responsibilities. Discover the crucial role we have in assisting children to maintain and strengthen family relationships so they can go home to their families.

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