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National after-hours service support line

National after-hours service support line

If there is an emergency always call 000, just as you would in any other emergency. Never delay calling the police or an ambulance in an emergency.

The Child, Youth and Family National After-Hours Service (NAHS) is a service that specifically supports and provides responses to children, young people, Foster and Kinship carers (carers) and staff whom Life Without Barriers supports outside of standard business hours.

Our specifically trained NAHS team provide support for situations that arise outside standard business hours, which cannot wait until the next business day for resolution.

Why a national after-hours service?

Our NAHS team provides a responsive and consistent approach to supporting children, young people, carers and staff outside business hours. It also allows our staff to have a better work-life balance by not requiring them to be on-call.

How does the service work?

The NAHS is one number for children, young people, carers, staff, and external stakeholders. Our team provides a responsive and consistent approach to everyone by listening and supporting the caller, recording information, providing a response and advising key workers the following business day of what occurred.

Who will answer the phone?

All NAHS team members have relevant qualifications and are trained in our CYF Evidence-based programs utilised across Life Without Barriers, such as CARE and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI).

What can I call them for?

Callers can call the NAHS team for support After-Hours with concerns that cannot wait until the next business day. Our team will help with things like:

  • General support and debriefing
  • Placement-related concerns
  • Support with managing an incident
  • Reporting an Incident
  • Debriefing after an Incident
  • Seeking guidance and support for unexpected and emergent issues.

You can learn how to become a Life Without Barriers carer by visiting our website.

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