Competence-centred modules

This category of modules in myLearning looks at key skill and knowledge areas that Carers need to have to help children. Being open to learning new skills and competencies in the interests of children is important.

Modules in this section

Introduction to the youth justice system

Time: 20 minutes

What do you do when the child you are caring for calls you from the police station in need of help? This module will help build an understanding of the basics of the Youth Justice system and, in doing so, help support the child in your care to navigate this complex system and ensure they have their rights and needs upheld.

Caring for children with high support needs

Time: 10 minutes

Could you provide a home for a child with high support needs? What do you need to know? What should you consider? What should you ask LWB? This module helps explain what ‘high support needs’ means, introduces a range of supports and provides you with information that can support your care of children with high support needs.

Supporting children to attend school

Time: 15 minutes

Whilst it is normal for a child to miss some school during the year, prolonged absence through school refusal or truancy can cause enormous stress, interfere with friendships, compromise learning opportunities and may trigger a pattern of negative behaviour. What are the signs of school refusal and truancy? What are the consequences of non-attendance at school? How can you support children to attend school? Discover the answers to these questions as you progress through this module.


Time: 20 minutes

Did you know that children in care can access their history? They may be doing so to learn more about their history or need medical records to help with current health issues. Whatever the case, when recording a child in care history, we must be mindful of how we record their life. This module helps us understand the importance of respectfully and accurately recording a child's journey in care.

Transforming lives through education and learning

Time: 15 minutes – Mandatory module

Transforming lives through education and learning is a mandatory module for all CYF staff and Family Based Carers. The 15-minute module assists learners in understanding the importance of education and learning for children in Out-of-Home care and how we can make a difference. Learners will discover practical ways to help children with education and learning and what supports are available.

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