Carer review process

We are required by regulations to regularly review carers. At a minimum we must do this every 2 years and in some locations more frequently. Some events may also trigger a review such as if carer couples separate or if a child leaves your care. You can also ask for a review.

Carer reviews are normally positive experiences. They focus on the safety and wellbeing of children and are an opportunity to take a step back and reflect on your caring role. As a result of a review you and your care team might identify training needs or other supports. Both carers in a couple need to participate in reviews.

You can request further information and seek a review if you are dissatisfied with decisions about your approval, re-approval, placements, or generally about the support received.

Information about reviewing a decision is available at any time, and will be given to you

  • at the time of your approval
  • at other major decision making points
  • at re-approval
  • if a child is removed from your care
  • if an investigation process occurs
  • if a placement change is made and this is not in the case plan
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