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Around the house

These are some simple things you can do to help keep children safe around your home.


  • Locate furniture away from windows where a child can't climb up and out a window
  • Locate heaters at least one metre away from anything flammable, such as curtains
  • Install an electrical safety switch to minimise the risk of electric shock injuries, deaths or fires
  • Use power boards instead of double adaptors, and do not overload them
  • Switch off and unplug electrical devices when not in use
  • Do not use extension cords in areas where they may be tripped over or pulled out accidentally
  • Attach safety barriers to the top and bottom of stairs to prevent falls if there is a baby or infant in the home
  • Keep cords for blinds and curtains out of reach of children
  • Install smoke alarms - at least one smoke alarm on each level of your home (this is a legal requirement in NSW and anyone who does not comply is guilty of an offence and can be fined)
  • Keep smoke alarms in working order(check twice a year and change batteries once a year)
  • Have a fire escape plan and practice it regularly
  • Keep phone numbers of the police, fire brigade, ambulance and Poisons Information Centres handy


  • Clean surfaces regularly, especially when someone is ill and immediately if contaminated by bodily fluids, blood, faeces or vomit
  • Clean a babies change table at least daily and whenever dirty
  • Regularly wash children's toys
  • Keep pets clean and regularly empty litter trays
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