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Live Life, Live Well

Welcome to Life Without Barriers’ Live Life, Live Well approach built on the Commonwealth Home Support Service principles of wellness, well-being and reablement. These principles encourage people to maintain an active healthy lifestyle or, for others who have suffered illness or injury, to reclaim the confidence to re-build skills they may have lost and find new ways of doing more through support.

Living at home as you get older is the best tonic for all of us, and with a little help, it's a goal we can all achieve.

To support you to live your life well, we’ve created a short fitness video, with the help from people in our aged care programs. This video takes you through is a simple set of exercises that look at general strength, balance and movement.  It offers instruction for varying levels of ability with exercises you can do sitting down or standing.

As with any physical exercise, if this is the first time you have exercised in a while, it is advised you speak with your GP to discuss any concerns you may have.  If it any stage you feel dizzy or unwell, stop immediately.

These exercises can be done in the home and with friends.  Simple things you will need are:

  • a chair for balance
  • light weights – tins of fruit can work well
  • a stretch band – stretchy pantyhose can work well too
  • comfortable clothes
  • fitted flat shoes
  • water and small towel
  • a sense of fun

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Live Life, Live Well is part of the personal support activity offered by Life Without Barriers within the range of aged care services.  It is an additional program for all LWB clients who are part of their LWB aged care service to support wellness, wellbeing and re-enablement.

Our wellness approach means our clients can expect us to do more ‘with them’ rather than just ‘for them’.  We start from the perspective that our clients continue throughout their lives to have goals to achieve, want roles that have meaning, and seek to make a contribution to society. Our job is to support them to live the life they choose by removing obstacles and providing opportunities.

Our thanks to PCYC Cairns and fitness instructor, Narelle Muller for their help in creating this video.