Our services protect your human rights

Every person in Australia has human rights, which are like rules that say how you should always be treated with safety and respect. This means everyone, including you, can expect to live life in a way that is safe and fair.

As a person with disability, there are extra rules that make sure you have the same freedom as anyone else to live life as you choose. These rules are called the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Every person and organisation in your life, including Life Without Barriers, must always protect and uphold these rules - your human rights. Nobody is allowed to treat you in a way that is unfair or unsafe.

Life Without Barriers is committed to always promote and protect your human rights when we deliver services to you. This means your rights and choices are always driving how we deliver the services you choose, so that we can support you to achieve your goals in a way that is always safe and respectful.

Some of your human rights include:

  • The right to make choices
  • The rights to be free from discrimination
  • The right to be always treated with respect
  • The right to equal opportunities
  • The right to employment and meaningful work
  • The right to be treated the same as people of a different gender
  • The right to justice if there has been mistreatment or a violation of rights
  • The right to have the same rights as everyone else

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