You can expect us to protect and promote your human rights

Every person in Australia has human rights. This means everyone can expect to live life in a way that is safe and fair.

As a person with disability, there are extra laws that make sure you have the same protections and freedom as anyone else, and that you don’t experience discrimination or mistreatment because of disability. These rules are called the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. It means you are protected by law to live safely and be treated fairly without discrimination.

Life Without Barriers is responsible for protecting and promoting your rights, that includes in how we support you with disability services.

“Human rights are important to everyone, especially to people with a disability. We have the right to be treated…like everyone else.”

Developing our 'My Rights: Nothing about me, without me' statement

Life Without Barriers recognises that people are the experts in their own lives. That is why we have co-designed with the people with disability a statement about what rights mean to you, and how Life Without Barriers must protect your rights. Put simply, this means for the people we support ‘nothing about me, without me’.

What does the statement say?

It says what people with disability can expect from Life Without Barriers to protect their rights and offer services and support that is safe. It says what actions our staff can take to support the rights of the people they support. It also helps people with disability and their support network to understand their rights, and hold us to account to our commitment to uphold them.

Read the 'My Rights' statement

The ‘My Rights’ statement is an expression of our commitment to the human rights of people with disability.