Connecting carers, children and families in community

Life Without Barriers is currently creating MOCKINGBIRD FAMILY™ Constellations in the Goulburn Ovens Murray region in Victoria. Be part of an innovative and exciting support network of foster carers.


MOCKINGBIRD FAMILY™ unites 6 to 10 foster and/or kinship carer homes called Satellite Families in a local community called a Constellation, supported by an experienced carer who takes on the role of Hub Home Provider.

Real Stories

“It’s like that saying, that ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ – we create that village.” Esma.
Esma is a foster carer with Life Without Barriers.

Esma plays a vital role in Life Without Barriers’ MOCKINGBIRD FAMILY™ and is a Home Hub Provider. She supports other carers by providing respite care, and organising events for families to get together.

What are the benefits to the families involved?

The micro-community created focuses on the individual needs of its children and carers by ensuring carers are skilled, supported and confident in providing the best care for children and young people. This network of support for foster families also allows them to receive peer support from a community that knows them and has truly walked in their shoes.

Key benefits of MOCKINGBIRD FAMILY™ are:

  • Children thrive socially, emotionally, and academically.

  • Children and carers develop supportive peer relationships.

  • Carers receive support through respite, peer support, training and information.

  • Children remain connected to their community and culture.

  • Increased placement stability.

  • Alleviate case management workload.

The Hub Home Provider

  1. Coordinates and supports Satellite Families in the Constellation through planned and crisis respite care, peer support, problem-solving, mentoring, transport or activities to help children have fun and learn new skills.

  2. Unites the Satellite Families into a social network that works like a micro-community that provides a safe secure environment for children and young people to connect with their peers, caring adults and keeps them connected to their family and culture. This community and peer connection also helps to retain quality carers who work together to support children and young people to achieve their goals.

Be part of a Constellation in Victoria

Life Without Barriers has successfully launched MOCKINGBIRD FAMILY™ Constellations across Australia. Be part of a constellation in the Goulburn and Ovens Murray regions of Victoria.