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Refugees & Asylum Seekers

Life Without Barriers’ Refugee and Asylum Seeker service provides support and protection to children, young people, families and others with complex needs who arrive in Australia seeking asylum.

Our support is delivered through our innovative programs across settlement, community detention, and complex case support.

One of our key programs is our National Immigration Support Service (NISS). It provides a broad range of supports to asylum seekers who are living in the Australian community, while their immigration status is resolved.

There are bands of support designed to support our NISS clients at varying stages of their visa application journey. We recognise, accept, respect and celebrate cultural and linguistic diversity; and we promote the rights to culture, faith and identity of those we support.

Our supported accommodation models, either 24/7 care or semi-independent living support, are all underpinned by common practice principles and elements but are purposely designed to be agile, flexible, culturally sensitive and responsive to the needs of the individuals.

“To be able demonstrate to families in our program what cultural equity looks like in Australia through my own work and experience, is a privilege.” 
Asmaa Ahmed, Program Manager, refugee and asylum seeker support program