There's plenty of food and room at the table

7 May 2018

You may have heard the saying, ‘When you have more than you need, build a longer table, not a higher fence.’ This is the exact sentiment that is being generously displayed by the students at Al Noori Muslim School.

Our LWB National Immigration and Support Service Team (NISS) has been blown away by the support of the school located in Greenacre in NSW.

The school recently ran a food drive for NISS and collected 10 van loads worth of dry goods and toiletries for refugees and asylum seekers. NISS now has a fully stocked pantry to be able to provide groceries for newly arrived refugees, asylum seekers and homeless people in the community who often approach NISS for referrals and immediate help.

Natalie Taha, Centre Coordinator Sydney NISS said she was overwhelmed by the support the school showed. “I was in tears, you write these letters to schools asking for support and you don’t expect much,” Natalie said. “But the school went above and beyond. The kids helped us load the donations into the van and they commented on how sheltered their lives must have been, as they didn’t even know there was this need in the community but they were so happy to help once they knew.”

One of the reasons Al Noori Muslim School got involved in the program is because in the lead up to Ramadan they wanted to encourage the kids to be more community minded, to find ways they could give back to the community they live in. Children from Kindergarten all the way to Year 12, across the school’s two sites, donated to the cause.

Staff members from LWB’s NISS program recently attended the school to meet the children and formally thank the school community. They presented them with a Certificate of Appreciation and took photos with the students. The donations these students have made will change the lives of NISS clients and people experiencing homelessness in their community. Families involved in the NISS program are undergoing so much change and uncertainty, it is wonderful that through the generous gifts from the school, their next meal will not have to be one of the things they are worried about.

If you are involved in a school or community group that would like to support NISS with food donations, please get in touch via