6 April 2022

Connect to others through stories and join the Life Without Barriers virtual book club!

Family on the lounge with iPads reading.

Living through a pandemic hasn’t been easy. For many, the social isolation and loneliness experienced through this time has seen us change many things in our lives, including how we engage with one another.

We have witnessed first-hand the world shift online for almost everything! This means more people are turning to digital stories and media to remain connected and combat social isolation.

Reading with Life Without Barriers does two things!

  1. It supports our community to develop their media/digital literacy skills development,

  2. It connects humans through story – a virtual book club!

We know that there are health benefits associated with reading - they are also a great place to connect with other people and kids who have similar interests as you!

“Show me a family of readers,” Napoleon wrote, “and I will show you the people who move the world.”

Why not get everyone in your house involved?

Contact Hook into Books

If you have any questions about Life Without Barriers’ Hook into Books program please email hookintobook@lwb.org.au

Hook Into Books!

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