Message from Board Chair, Terry Lawler: COVID-19

20 March 2020

Each and every one of you have been in my and the Board members’ thoughts as we watch our world changing around us.

Image: Life Without Barriers Board Chair, Terry Lawler

We are all reading the papers or watching the news and seeing the truly concerning impact the COVID-19 virus is having across the globe. The word unprecedented, in the absence of all others, is what we are saying to each other about our collective experiences.

I suspect like many of you, my family and I have seen places we have visited over the years that have brought such joy, being reduced to empty streets, which even up until last week were bustling with people.

Yet, despite the worry I know so many people are feeling, our Life Without Barriers community has a strong and resilient fabric that is going to be what brings our organisation and the people we support through this challenging time. Our ability to work imaginatively and with dedication is part of our core, its embedded in the history of who we are. Whether you have been with our organisation for 20 years or if you only joined us recently, I believe we are brought together because we are a collective of leaders – people who just constantly give of ourselves to guide with courage and compassion for the people around us.

The National Emergency Management Response Team have the full support of the Board and I know have been undertaking exceptional work over the past week to support you and the people and families our organisation exists for.

We will navigate these uncharted waters together and emerge as we are now, a reliable, responsive organisation that wraps its skill and leadership around any problem we face.

Please look after yourselves and your loved ones. If there is anything Life Without Barriers can do as your employer to help you, please reach out to your manager or the National Emergency Management Team. We must at times like these care for each other.

Kind regards,

Terry Lawler,

Chair of the Board

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Life Without Barriers is ensuring continuity of care for the people we support during this challenging time