Meet Nadia, Communications Officer

2 December 2019

Before starting at Life Without Barriers, Nadia found it difficult to tell employers about her disability.

Nadia has multiple disabilities, but you wouldn’t know it. Like many others, Nadia lives with a significant visual impairment that can’t be identified just by looking at her.

Though statistically she’s less likely to experience unconscious discrimination than those with a more visible disability, having an invisible disability presents with its own difficulties, Nadia says. Before working at Life Without Barriers, it was something she was often hesitant to disclose to employers.

“I have found it quite difficult with past employers to talk to about my visual impairment, as my roles have often required strong visual activity.

“As a writer I guess the expectation is that someone will have full vision. It’s for this reason I’ve struggled to tell my employers about my eyesight – because it doesn’t really impact my day to day work and performance, and I don’t want them to assume it will.

“It appears that I can see and that everything is OK. But in actual fact, I have no left visual field in both my eyes. I see everything smack bang, dead in half.”