Mardi Gras Fair Day

14 February 2018

 At Life Without Barriers (LWB) we celebrate equality, accessibility, diversity and inclusion.

This year we are thrilled to demonstrate our commitment by participating in the Mardi Gras Fair Day on the 18th of February. The Mardi Gras Fair Day is a free family friendly carnival of rainbow festivities.

LWB strives to champion opportunity and equality for all, so being part of such a public celebration to support the needs and wellbeing of our diverse community is a real honour.

We are always looking for Foster Carers from diverse backgrounds including LGBTQI singles or couples, with or without children to share their heart, home and time with young people. Our Foster Carers need to be committed, trustworthy and resilient to guide young people into a positive future.

At Life Without Barriers, we already have number of LGBTQI Foster Carers who are excited to be sharing their stories. Allow us to introduce you to Kaz & Jo and Chris & Sophiaan.

  • Kaz and Jo are both short and long term foster carers with LWB. Kaz is also the biological mother of a 18 year old son Jackson and Jo the biological mother of a 21 year old daughter Brittany. When asked about why they made the decision to become foster carers, Jo said, “I have been a carer all my life and career. Kaz and I agreed it was time with both of our kids all grown up to open our home up to children in need. To protect and love them for however long they stay with us.” In 2017 Kaz and Jo discovered Life Without Barriers at a Mardi Gras Fair day and straight away felt a connection to our agency.

  • Chris and Sophiaan have been together for 10 years and married in Queenstown, New Zealand, in 2015. After years of on-and-off consideration of fostering, Chris and Sophiaan began the process by attending a Life Without Barriers information evening.  “We came away from that feeling very positive, and we began the registration process,” Chris says. “It moved forward fairly quickly after the assessments began and then we became accredited.” “While we were doing (Life Without Barriers) training we met with other same-sex couples,” Sophiaan adds, “so we’re not the only gays in the village.”

Financial support is available to foster carers.