LWB joins the 2017 Mardi Gras Parade

7 April 2017

LWB celebrates our LGBTQI Foster Carers at the 2017 Mardi Gras Parade

This video is the short documentation of a wonderful event in LWBs history – the first time we marched in Mardi Gras. We marched under the theme of CELEBRATING: Equality, Diversity, Accessibility & Inclusion.

In total, 34 employees, their partners, carers and the Chief Executive proudly marched on 4 March 2017. The diversity of marchers in the Parade was amazing as was the feeling of inclusion and acceptance, and a tangible desire for every one of the 12,000 marchers and thousands in the crowd, to enjoy the night and the Mardi Gras experience. LWB’s is a values-based organisation (and prides itself on being diverse and inclusive), so being part of this internationally recognised Festival aligned the organisation to a broader community, and was a great platform for LWB to project a positive reputation and increase the visibility of our programs and services.

Life Without Barriers (LWB) strives to champion opportunity and equality for all, so being part of such a public celebration to support the needs and wellbeing of our diverse community is a real honour.

“We are always looking for Foster Carers from diverse backgrounds including LGBTQI singles or couples, with or without children to share their heart, home and time with young people. Our Foster Carers need to be committed, trustworthy and resilient to guide young people into a positive future. By participating in the Mardi Gras Parade 2017, Life Without Barriers also puts LGBTQI equality firmly on our diversity and inclusion agenda,” says LWB Chief Executive Claire Robbs.

LWB’s involvement in the 2017 Mardi Gras was an opportunity to:

  • Show our support and commitment to fighting discrimination, and promoting and celebrating diversity at all levels within our community;

  • Demonstrate LWB’s support for LGBTQI members of our family including clients, volunteers and employees; and

  • Attract and encourage members of the LGBTQI community to register as Foster Carers with Life Without Barriers.

“We seek to explore new ways to support our diverse community as well as to attract and welcome a diverse workforce. By marching, we advocate for the elimination of all discrimination that may inhibit personal goals or life dreams. This is very much aligned to the work we do with our clients to support them to remove barriers from their own lives,” says Life Without Barriers Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Fiona Davies.

At Life Without Barriers, we already have a number of LGBTQI Foster Carers who shared  their stories this Mardi Gras.

Allow as to introduce you to Ted and Dave and Rebecca and Bree:

“We both became carers as we have both struggled at different stages of our lives, regarding how as a gay couple we could have children of our own. We also believe we have a lot to offer children  in need of care, in terms of love and security, as we have been together since 1979. On the 10th of January 2000, our first long term child arrived. We were the first gay male carers in the Northern Rivers and bursting with pride. We say go for it! Not only will you find it extremely rewarding but you will be making a great contribution to your community and particularly to the children in your care.” Dave & Ted, Fathers and Foster Carers

“We have two children of our own and one long term foster child. Life is busy, but full of joy! Life Without Barriers is LGBTQI friendly and has always been a great support to us as Foster Carers. Go into the fostering process with an open heart!” Rebecca & Bree, Mothers and Foster Carers

Image: Foster carers Rebecca and Bree

If you are interested in becoming a Foster Carer please contact us via:

Phone: 1300 592 227

Email: carers@lwb.org.au

Website: https://www.lwb.org.au/foster-care