Foster Care Week 2017 - Celebrating our carers

11 September 2017

Life Without Barriers celebrates Foster Care Week and calls for more foster carers.

Image: Georgie and Mitch, Life Without Barriers foster carers in Tasmania

Foster and Kinship Care Week is not just about celebrating and recognising our amazing carers, it is about reaching out and finding as many compassionate individuals, couples and families to become Foster Carers by providing long and short-term care or weekend respite foster care for children and young people who are unable to live with their families.

“Our children come from a range of circumstances and reflect the diversity of our communities. We need carers who reflect that diversity to support children to remain connected to culture and community. This is especially important for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, who may need support to return home or be cared for by members of their own community,

--Deanne Carroll, Manager of Carer Recruitment

When you become a Foster Carer, the children who come into your home will present both challenges and wonderful opportunities. The challenge is caring for children who may have experienced difficult circumstances in their life and may be insecure, frightened and sometimes angry. The opportunity is the love, understanding and patience they receive from you and the huge difference this can make in their life, as well as yours. If you can provide a safe, stable and nurturing home the foster and kinship care state teams at Life Without Barriers would love to hear from you.

“Some children will go home and we need supportive restoration carers to help make this happen. Other children will need carers, guardians or adoptive parents for life. Whether you provide short term care or commit for life, all carers make a significant difference in the lives of children,” 

--Claire Robbs, Chief Executive

Life Without Barriers has over 2600 foster carers across Australia and this week we thank and celebrate them.