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Mental Health & Housing Support

At Life Without Barriers we deliver services to help the people we support have their most basic needs addressed, including those of health and housing.

We know too well that any major challenges to either one of these basics – your health or housing – can be disruptive to your life and we are here to assist.

Our health support services can help you to understand the signs and symptoms of mental illness and provide a safe, friendly and helpful environment to engage support.

Our approach to mental health support operates within a framework of recovery. We encourage an individual’s involvement in decision-making when planning their care and recovery process. Our services operate respect the culture and influence of individual experience and help the people we support to develop their existing strengths to maximise resilience.

With many people doing it tough, we’re also doing everything we can to help find accommodation for people at risk of homelessness. We know how easy it is to end up homeless – many people across our neighbourhoods do not know where they will be sleeping tonight.

Our services focus on the intensive case management which aim to assist you to re-establish connections that may result in finding somewhere safe to stay while taking steps to finding a permanent place to call home so that you can get on with your life.

Stories From The People We Support