SDA design categories

There are 5 types of Specialist Disability Accommodation known as the SDA design categories.


This SDA design category covers existing SDA properties that don’t have any special design features but have other important SDA characteristics that you might be looking for such as location, privacy, and shared supports. 

Improved Liveability 

If you find it difficult to see or understand things around you, then Improved Liveability SDA might suit you. 

Improved Liveability SDA housing is easy to enter and move around for example doorways, handles and switches are easy to see and there are direct lines of sight from one room through to the next. 

Fully Accessible 

If you have a significant physical disability, then Fully Accessible SDA might suit you. Most often, people who are eligible for Fully Accessible SDA use a wheelchair to move around some or all of the time. 

There are no steps in a Fully Accessible home. Doorways must be wide enough for a wheelchair. The bathroom and kitchen design should be accessible for people who are in a seated or standing position. 

High Physical Support 

If you use an electric wheelchair to get around, or a hoist to get in and out of bed, or you need a high level of support every day, then High Physical Support SDA might suit you. 

A High Physical Support home has all the features of Fully Accessible SDA, plus emergency back-up power and a ceiling that is strong enough for a ceiling hoist.  It may also have assistive technology for heating, cooling, and household communications to connect you to a nearby support worker.  


If you sometimes act in a way that may not be safe for you or the people around you, then Robust SDA might suit you. 

Robust homes are designed and built to be resilient to reduce risk of injury, minimise neighbourhood disturbances and cope with heavy use. This includes secure windows, doors and outside areas, high impact wall lining, fitting and fixtures such as blinds and door handles, soundproofing, and laminated glass.   

A Robust home will also have a space where you, other residents and staff can go to keep safe. 

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