Temporary housing for you to live in while you wait for a more permanent home or for your disability supports. Medium Term Accommodation is designed to allow NDIS participants a safe, supported temporary housing solution for up to three months.

What is Medium Term Accommodation?

Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) is transitional or temporary accommodation while you are preparing to move into a more permanent home. 

The NDIS funds MTA if you need a place to stay for up to 90 days, while you are waiting for a confirmed long-term housing solution. This is usually a one-off support. 

For example, you may be experiencing a breakdown of supports and can’t live in your current home.  

MTA might also be a great way to see if Life Without Barriers is a good match for you, before you make a long-term decision about where to live.  

About our Medium Term Accommodation services 

 At Life Without Barriers, we offer MTA when situations arise that delay moving into your more permanent home.  This could be because you are: 

  • Waiting for home modifications to be done 

  • Being discharged from hospital or leaving aged care 

  • Waiting for assistive technology to arrive 

  • Waiting for your confirmed Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) to be available 

  • Waiting for a new build SDA to be ready 

  • Experiencing a breakdown of supports and can’t live in your current home.

Which categories in my Medium Term Accommodation plan can I use? 

MTA is funded under Core Supports in your NDIS plan. To fund this, the NDIS needs evidence that you have somewhere to move into at the end of the MTA funding. 

MTA is a one off support which covers disability accommodation costs, but you need to pay for food and everyday living costs from your own income, rather than your NDIS plan.  

Find out how we can help with MTA

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