Support to Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Life Without Barrier's Refugee and Asylum Seeker Service provides support and protection to children, young people, families and others with complex needs who arrive in Australia seeking asylum without a parent or guardian.  Our support is delivered through our innovative programs across settlement, community detention, and complex case support.

Our Innovative Approach

Life Without Barriers has extensive experience in supporting individuals who have experienced significant displacement, individuals with complex mental health conditions and individuals with disabilities. Our supported accommodation models, either 24/7 care or semi-independent living support, are all underpinned by common practice principles and elements, but are purposely designed to be agile, flexible, culturally sensitive and responsive to the needs of the individuals. 

Our Experience and Expertise

Our staff are trained in working with young people who have experienced displacement and are able to adapt practice to ensure the impact these experiences inform support requirements. We acknowledge the diverse cultrual background of these young people and focus on recruiting staff from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. We ensure those people in our Settlement Service programs have access to Cultural Liaison Officers that assist us to respond to cultural needs and develop ethno-specific networks within the broader community.

Our Programs

Our programs are flexible, responsive, and centre support at critical times of need, supplemented with program activities designed to promote the skills that young people will require during their time in Community Detention or as part of their integration into Australian society and support to eventual independence.

Our holistic approach connects young people with tailored and multilayered programs and services aimed at enhancing:

  • Social Connectedness 
  • Economic Wellbeing 
  • Personal Wellbeing 
  • Independence
  • Connection to Community

At Life Without Barriers we actively broker pathways to education and employment, meaningful social inclusion activities and citizenship programs that ensure the people we support are well connected in the community by the time they leave our care.  We embrace the fact that our responsibilities include ensuring that the young people we work with are well positioned to participate in social and economic life within and beyond their time with Life Without Barriers, and are supported and encouraged to maintain and express their cultural identity across all facets of the settlement process.


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